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Research Studies MICROWAVE RADIATION SOURCES 1.	Cell phones and cell towers: 1.7-2.7 GHz 2.	WiFi computers and routers: 2.4-5 GHz 3.	Microwave Ovens: 2.4 GHz 4.	Cordless phones: 2.4 GHz 5.	Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz 6.	Smart Meters:  902 MHz - 2.4 GHz 7.	Baby Monitors: ~48-50 MHz
VIDEO CONTENT (16 minutes) 1.  The research above (and below) presented  by Dr. MartinPall may be difficult to  follow if you don’t have a good background  in biology. 2. Here is a simplified summary: Electromagnetic fields such as those pro- duce by WiFi and cell phones cause calcium to be infused into cells in our bodies at inappropriate times, causing a disruption in their normal function.  This disruption leads to a wide variety of symptoms and diseases. How it happens: Cells in our bodies have channels that allow calcium to enter. These channels are called VGCC (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels).  These calcium channels are opened at inappropriate times by the voltage within electromagnetic fields such as WiFi and cell phones, resulting in undesirable health effects. (WiFi emits microwave radiation.)
Very important research findings:  Bio-initiative Report       Conclusions The United States and Canada have the SAME radiation standards
1. Another video about Dr. Pallís research     on voltage gated calcium channels.      It is from a seminar in Norway. VIDEO CONTENT (1hr, 51 min)